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Montessori Mania

Montessori is actually a person’s name; Dr. Maria Montessori (wiki). She is an Italian medical doctor that developed a unique method of teaching for children. In 1907, she opened her first ‘Casa Del Bambini’ or Children’s House equipped with child sized furnishings; not a common sight at that era. But her methods of creating an environment favoring the children became a catalyst for the children themselves to explore and learn. It was a far better learning method than children in conventional schools of being fixed down to a chair and being forced to listen to the teacher shrieks and shrills.
Dr. Maria Montessori at her desk
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Some hundred years later the Montessori Method has been adapted into many schools and homes around the globe (though the shriek and shrill method still very much exist till this day). Personally I have tried a few methods on my daughter and have seen how much she has learned, more importantly her joys of learning fueled her curiosity to learn and understand more. At times it can be very annoying with her asking me the same question a few hundred times a day for the whole week! Nevertheless, the rewards of her doing something new is a surprise that’s worthy of it all.

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But I don’t go all out with the Montessori Method when I teach my daughter. Occasionally, the traditional method of cane, shriek and shrills (CSS) still works for me. Now please don’t start calling child services and report me. I am after all an Asian mom so the cane is part and parcel of growing up; though compared to my parents and theirs before them, I can assure you I use very much less of the cane. Whenever possible, I would most prefer a calmer environment minus the CSS.

Living Montessori Now 3rd Blogiversary Giveaway
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The Montessori Materials is educational and very helpful for the young ones, but at times it is very expensive. HOWEVER this month the price tags are coming off like Jessie J’s song; though you pay it with clicks rather than love... Deb Chitwood of Living Montessori Now is hosting a giveaway and a VERY LARGE one at that. 3 prizes are to be given away in total with a combined value of USD645. Am I drooling? Yes of course! Else, why would I be blogging about it right? Especially since blogging does enable me to have 3 extra entry points. It’s a lucky draw style of giveaway, and each action requires entitles you to a certain number of entry points. Thus, the more entry points the higher chances of winning. For contest details please click here. There are plenty of clicking required so you better hurry as contest ends 15 April 2013.

My favorite activity : Nomenclature cards
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Well, since this is an international giveaway, competition is tight. I have an older copy of Montessori At Home by John Bowman ( and I have adapted quite a number of activities from that book to teach my little daughter. You may see this as me being a "kia su"(Hokkien dialect for "afraid to lose") mom. But I would rather say that since I am a full time mom, why can't I teach my own child? Why must I go of slaving myself to get a job just to pay another person to teach my child? Please excuse my sudden burst of crudeness, but I've been snubbed before for being a full time mom instead of joining the bandwagons of super working mothers. The bottom line is, I take 3 steps back to put my daughter 10 paces forward... To be a better person.

Anyway if you're not sure what Montessori is all about and how you can apply it at home, try visiting Montessori Print Shop (click here for free download link) and try out their free materials. Enjoy!

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