Thursday, May 23, 2013

Arts and Craft Supplies from Daiso One Utama

Daiso Japan Mascot
Apart from stalking Mr. DIY, my other cheap haunt is Daiso Japan. As long as there is an Aeon shopping mall in Malaysia, there would be a Daiso too. Everything is sold at MYR5 (it’s a 100-yen chain shop in Japan) and for some items it is a real bargain! If you are a regular at Daiso Queensbay Mall, you might notice a small TV by the entrance with a program about Daiso in Japan. If I ever have the chance to go to Japan, I’m sure to make a pilgrimage there as the size of the store is HUGE!

Daiso Malaysia - my mini haul
Anyway, I was back in Petaling Jaya sometime end of April, so I took the opportunity to stop by Daiso One Utama. While there are Daiso in Penang Queensbay Mall and Bandar Perda, but the size of the shop is smaller and the variety of product is just scarce (comparing to Daiso One Utama). Since everything is sold at MYR5, it’s quite easy to over spurge – imagine nail polish and Japanese themed letter pad with envelope for only MYR5! Consider me lucky that I didn’t blow a hole in my purse. Firstly was due to the credit card machine giving the sales personnel a headache (forcing many to pay cash) and secondly, there was only a miserable MYR30 left in my wallet. It really is inconvenient when my personal ATM is not with me.

Daiso - circular knitting needles
So this is what I want to highlight in particular – 40cm circular bamboo knitting needle (4.5mm and 6mm) for only MYR5 each! Yes, I know! So cheap! The last circular needle I bought some months back cost me nearly MYR15! I could have bought 3 from Daiso had I knew earlier. Apart from circular needles, they also have straight needles and double pointed needles all made from bamboo. The yarns however do not come cheap; for a mere 30grams at MYR5. And for a child’s garment I would require somewhere between 10-20 balls of yarns which would cost me MYR50-100! Apart from yarns and knitting needles, they also carry cotton cloths and felt cloths for crafts. It is a real bummer that I did not see this in Daiso Queensbay Mall branch.

And while I was reading Daiso Japan’s official website (click here) I came to know of their USA California branch offers online transactions! I wonder when the Malaysian branch will have the same offer too. I mean it would be great for online shoppers like me to get my hands on their latest product without the need to worry for items being available at certain branches only.

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