Monday, May 27, 2013

Fashion Trend or Fashion Copy Cat?

Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2013 vs Christian Dior Spring 2013
To what I understand from the fashion world is that when a designer have a particular line for display, they'll do a runway show. And usually these shows tend to coincide with a fashion week in a particular city (ie Paris, New York) because this is the moment when many designers, critics and fans are all zeroed in one particular place. And it's usually from this runway, designers get inspiration from another to create a near identical garments. How do I know? Well, the image above and below is the strong tell tale sign.
Christian Dior Resort Collection 2012 vs Michael Kors Spring Collection 2008
So, if anyone of you have this weird feeling of "why I feel like I've seen this before somewhere?" Ha, well, I can honestly tell you that chances are you've seen it somewhere. You might drop your jaw and yell blasphemy, but the actual truth is it is quite a common issue. Some fashion designers might go all out and defend each other to say "we love inspiring each other" or "this is how we set trends". And while those high end fashion continue to inspire each other, it's good to know that some of these beautiful dresses are (or soon to be) available at your local supermarket for a fraction of the price.

Drape blouse with lace skirt: One of the pair cost £41 and the other cost £709
Tesco in house brand F&F have have their own line of copy cat fashion. Which is a good thing because you still can look chic without nuking a hole in your pocket. After all, looking at the price tag of £41 is a cool thing in the UK, however over here in Malaysia you'll be staring at approximately MYR190! NOW, you can yell blasphemy. I really don't like exchange rates. This only shows how small our Malaysian currency rates are. It is a sad thing that Malaysia's currency is shrinking and I see all those really nice dresses selling at reasonable prices overseas is just jaw dropping expensive over here.
Floral Dress : One of these cost £20 while the other £585
Perhaps this is why some mid range fashion over in the US or Europe ends up being a high end fashion over here. Maybe if I have taken up sewing or fashion design, I could have saved lots of money (or even made a handsome profit) by having my own label of affordable fashion...

To find out which dress is the cheaper one click here.

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