Friday, May 31, 2013

List of Free Sanitary Towel Samples for Malaysians

Kotex Sample received in 2011
A girl's first piece of sanitary towel would either be from our mother's drawers or through school events. I remembered when I was a primary school girl and a few companies came to distribute free samples. It was a fun yet embarrassing moment because you see friends who will shy away and give their pack to other friends as they do not need it "yet" and some over zealous ones who are not shy in demanding the promotion officer to give her the entire carton of samples. Yes, its true. I know of one friend who carted an entire box load of sanitary towels home. But I don't blame her since she's got like five or six sisters at home to split the loot.
Kao Laurier sample received in June 2013
Anyway, below are a list of website and Facebook pages for you to request for some samples. Some offers are available all year round (like Kotex and Libresse) while others are seasonal. Now for those of you who are still in school and a little bolder than others, you can email the companies below or message them via Facebook to come to your school. I'm pretty sure they'll be more than happy to come to your school for a little girly fun!
Note: Malaysian residence addresses required as the sample will be posted by regular mail.

Brand Name Link
This is a panty liner brand. They currently do not provide free samples but its no harm stalking their Facebook Page in the event they provide free trials in the future
I have not seen this brand at any pharmacy in Malaysia and yet to receive this brand's samples. For those who have, please share your experience
IntimateTheir only official website is and when you click the link for samples request they will automatically redirect you to the contact form. You can try asking via their contact form. At the moment, I have yet to receive a sample or email reply from them.
Laurier Their official webpage or their Facebook Page
The free trial offer on their Facebook page actually ended not too long ago. I do not know when will their next round be, but feel free to stalk their page for updates.
LibresseYou can register for a free sample from their official webpage or their Facebook Page
Like Kotex, this free sample offer is available all year round.
Kotex You can register at their official webpage or their Facebook Page both sites are currently active. What I love about Kotex website is their offer for free sample packs are available all year round unlike other sites which are seasonal.
Sofy The official webpage and Facebook Page
However this promotion too ended some months back. So do keep a lookout occasionally
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