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Online Shop Review: Ebay

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Company Name: Ebay 

Seller ID: timesaviour


First Purchase Date: 17 April 2013

Subsequent Purchase: 0

I have been shopping at online stores for quite some time and the convenience of it is just marvelous. If Ebay is a real place with real people selling their wares in one real spot, I think it could be the largest physical marketplace on Earth. And walking around bargain hunting would most likely be an occupation by itself!
Ebay - screen shot

Anyway, dear hubby just got a new phone and was looking for an aftermarket casing for it. We tried looking around cell phone stores around Penang but no one carried that particular model and even if they do, the quality was poor and the price was just exorbitant! After wasting nearly two Sundays hunting for it, I suggested to hubby that we scour at Ebay instead.
Package arrived

Now hubby is no stranger to shopping at Ebay so he very much knows how to spot a credible seller. I don’t go to Ebay on my own because I’m not sure if the seller is genuine or not particularly when the products they sell are just ridiculously low! Many years ago, I was pretty much hooked on Ebay because the prices are just way too good to be true. And I have learnt my lesson; a three ringgit lesson that is. Two years ago, I saw knitting yarns sold from China for only a few US cents. I bought 1USD worth (about MYR3) and it never arrived. I asked hubby to email and enquire, they kept telling us to wait and wait. And after the 3rd email or so, they never reply. I gave them the worst rating possible and lodge a report to Ebay against them. I didn’t get back my money because it was past the 45 days waiting period, but that didn’t matter so much. It was more of a principal – I felt cheated.
Nokia Lumia N920 casing (left) and screen protector (right)

So did hubby’s purchase arrive? Yes, indeed! It was sent via regular air mail hence it took nearly a week to arrive and there was no tracking number (only registered mail has tracking number and the shipping price would most likely cost double). The casing arrived in a padded brown envelope. That way, whatever that is inside will not get crushed easily. The condition of the casing is brand new and looks very much alike what we saw on Ebay. When hubby bought the original phone, it came with a screen protector. So he kept this extra screen protector just in case. Overall, hubby is happy with his new casing and rather proud to know that it’s cheaper than what local cell phone accessory stores are selling!

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