Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Lilac Box #3

Last Saturday, I received the third issue of The Lilac Box. And once again, the Tazmanian devil in me took hold of the packaging and ripped it apart like no body’s business. Despite being his spouse for so long, he still finds it peculiar on how I treat my presents and it only gets worse when I do not know its’ contents. When I saw the lace on the box, I sort of balk my eyes a little - my lingerie! Thou the colors are not the same but I had a hunch there was something French inside.
The Lilac Box #3
So I popped open the lid and behold the beautiful contents of this third box filled nearly to the brim. Now before I get into the details, I was actually worried sick because a fellow Lilacan (a subscriber) voiced her disappointment hours before I received mine. Maybe she was expecting Vin Diesel or Brat Pitt squeezed into that little khaki colored box but got a cross between Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Reno instead. True to my first guess is Box #3 has a French connection (and I was screaming “parle pas Français”) as almost all the products are French with the exception of Max Factor (Polish founded currently owned by American consumer goods giant P&G).

The Lilac Box #3 : Over View
But this is after all a blind date. You’ll never know what’s on the inside until you open your eyes. Overall, I do love the fact that the samples provided are large enough to last me more than a week and it is cool to know that there are 6 brands in this time around. I did drool over the 200ml bottle of Fresh Rose Shower Gel by Yves Rocher and do hope that everyone else got the same sized bottle. It does feel a little “unfair” as to what happened in Box #2 that only a lucky few received super sized oil while others did not – particularly when everyone paid the same.

However, Payot is the only brand that gave a 1ml sachet of ‘Special 5’ and ‘Pate Grise’ each; I can only use once. And what worse would it be when Mount Vesuvius erupts a day after use! So with a big pimple under my chin, Max Factor’s sachets of foundation have been sitting on my dressing table for the rest of the week.

I’ll just go over the individual products but not make a review since there are some I’ve yet to try.

Yves Rocher - Fresh Rose Shower Gel

The Lilac Box #3: Yves Rocher Fresh Rose Shower Gel

Phyto Phytodefrisant Botanical Relaxing Balm

The Lilac Box #3: Phyto Hair Balm

Payot Pate Grise and Speciale 5

The Lilac Box #3: Payot

Max Factor Ageless Elixir
 Foundation + Serum

The Lilac Box #3: Max Factor Foundation

See by Chloe

The Lilac Box #3: Chloe See Perfume

Bador HSR Lifiting Extra Firming Cream

The Lilac Box #3: Bador Firming Cream

So, I bought box #1, skipped box #2 and then buys box #3. Will I buy box #4? Honestly, I think this blind date has come to an end for me. I know those guys have tried really hard to please everyone. But it’s not easy to make all happy at the same time. I think the problem lies with me since I did have greater expectations since I’ve been following them on Facebook for quite some time and even got myself a free eye gel courtesy of Talika and The Lilac Box. Merci Beaucoup!

Perhaps if there would be a crazy chance that Lilacans have the special option to choose one brand to be included in their next subscription; I may just change my mind. I know the work would be a lot harder packing each box differently, as there would be 4 identical items while the 5th is Lilacans’ choice. Try imagining the very feeling to know that my choice of Burberry is somewhere in there, yet I would die of curiosity over the Lilacan who opted for Chanel instead! On the other hand, what happens when I found out that the Chanel product was more uber than the Burberry? C’est la vie chère~!

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