Thursday, June 20, 2013

Aeon Bandar Perda Funland - Free indoor playground

Playgrounds are like little kids heaven. But being in Malaysia, most of these playgrounds are outdoors. If the haze does not put you off, the hot sun would be stinging enough to make you want to curl indoors. The amount of UVA and UVB is bad enough to make you look like a roasted lobster in 30 seconds.
Aeon Funland: Entrance
As you all know from the previous post, there was a drift event in Aeon Bandar Perda car park. While my little one wanted to see the cars go "vroom vroom", I wasn't so keen. The weather was hot enough to cook almost anything; with my oily t-zone, I would be staring at a deep fried nose, chin and forehead within minutes! So, my little princess and I spent our day two days inside Aeon Bandar Perda Shopping Mall.
Aeon Funland: Overview
This particular Aeon branch is a small building. It takes only a few minutes to get from one end to the other end of the building and by half a days walk, you'll manage to memorize each shop by heart. Standard to all Aeon floor plan, the supermarket is usually on one end of the building, making the crowd to only concentrate on one part of the building. So how do you make people walk to the other end? Have a free indoor playground. Did I mention that entrance is FREE?
Aeon Funland: Which way to the Garden and Candy store?
Like any playground, they have a slide, see-saw, tunnel and a little hut. Not a lot compared to the play land right opposite. But that one needs entrance fees (MYR1, about USD0.32) - though I like free because, free is more fun right? Even though the official rule says for kids aged below 12, I think it would be best to limit for those below aged 7 (pre-schoolers). There was a parent who left her son and daughter (about 8-10 years old) and both of them behaved like monkeys! There were little children all over and they couldn't careless if they knock onto them or hit them (accidentally or otherwise). Good thing they know how to steer clear of my daughter or I'll give them a good public spanking~!
Aeon Funland: Tiger Tunnel
While observing my little one playing and interacting with random kids, it makes me appreciate shopping malls who provide free playground and kiddie toilets. Yes, Aeon is the only mall in Malaysia to have a child toilet - toilet seat small enough for those aged 2-6. My little one isn't the only person who gets excited to use the loo; even I find it adorable. Even though their supermarket products aren't the cheapest (compared to Tesco) but I love how they design their shopping mall to be family orientated.
Aeon Funland: Colorful Fence
On a side note, while some parents may find the necessity to send their child to a kindergarten as opposed to home school, only and just only because of the so-called lack of social skills. I find that my daughter can achieve her social interaction skills right here in an indoor playground. She gets to meet all kinds of people; some friendlier than others and some are a little more outspoken. And I'm not sure if those parents have noticed (or not) that kindergarten seems to have one dominant race or worse case only one particular race. But the very fact that we live in a multiracial country, shouldn't schools reflect society? If the schools are type cast, I'm not surprised that children grow up sticking only to their skin color and their knowledge of other people's race or religion are merely words described by the teacher. And God forbid if that teacher is a racist...
Aeon Funland: Toy Clock
Looking at how our local education system is going, I really am tempted to home school my child...

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