Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are you logic enough?

So, here's the problem. There is only one functional laptop in this house with Internet access and it does not belong to me. If I need to update my blog it would either end up without a picture or without words or both. I usually use the office PC to write my blog and the Lenovo Notebook to do the uploading. I hate those mini keyboards, makes typing so difficult AND as it ages, the keys won't correspond with the alphabets that appear. Yes, so if you see any odd alphabet suddenly appearing (or disappearing) in any odd sentences you may just guess which electronic device I was using.
Enjoying my "Only me" moment of Expresso Frapp and Logic Puzzle 
Anyway last Friday and Saturday, hubby Dan was out for a drift event at Aeon Bandar Perda and I being the missus, get to enjoy myself two days worth of shopping. Actually, there is nothing much to shop at Aeon Bandar Perda. I think this is the smallest of all Aeon malls, even thou they have Daiso here, its nothing more but 2 rows of shelves. In fact they should name it Daiso Corner, which I find more appropriate. Anyhow, at the very least there is a Starbucks for me to enjoy a nice tumbler of Espresso Frappuchino (double that on Friday) and give my neurons a little exercise in a game of logic while my little one naps in her stroller.
Can you guess what is inside?
Question: From the paragraph above, how many rounds of Espresso Frappuchino did I have on Friday and Saturday? If you, like me have an eye for decyphering words, you may want to endulge yourself in a little game of "guess that giveaway" hosted by non other than Jamie TheThirtySomething. Don't worry it's not a clueless game. She has dropped some hints for you to put together; her favorite product from her favorite brand, the prize is a full sized item (not sample sachets or miniatures). Once you think you have the answer, let her know in the comment section (click here) of her post AND tell her why you wish to try this particular product. My answer was Coach bag only because I am more of a bag fanatic than a grooming fanatic, but I doubt that's the answer at all
(BIG HINT: Full Size Product).

Note: This giveaway runs until 31st July 2013 and for Malaysian residence only.

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