Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hemp twined bottles

Hemp twined empty bottle (close up)
Wrapping up a glass bottle with rope, hemp or even regular yarn has been a regular feature in many art deco shops. But the price tag is scary enough to make you drop the bottle – intentionally or otherwise. However I reckoned that a twined bottle need not be THAT expensive thanks to wallet friendly stores like Mr. DIY and Daiso.
3 Hemp twined empty bottles

Thanks to Jamie (thethirtysomething) for giving me an “Aha” moment, I waltz into the nearest Mr. DIY store and grabbed a ball of hemp. Paying MYR1.20 for a 50gram hemp ball is sure worth it. But instead of using a glue gun as she did, I opted for something less painful – bond glue. Texture wise, is like your regular stationary glue, but this one is rather heavy duty. Color wise, it is white as opposed to regular transparent glue. And it stays true to its words of being suitable for industrial use; once dried this one’s got the hemp stuck to the bottle.
King's Bond Glue - works better than hot glue gun

Using a normal paint brush, I brush the glue on an empty Prego bottle and just start twining from the bottle neck all the way to the base. Work is a lot easier without the hazards of a glue gun particularly when you have a two year old sitting right next to you wanting to twine a bottle of her own. In a way it is safe to work around children because worst case scenario would most likely be nothing more but a spilled bottle of glue and glued fingers or unraveled ball of hemp that could be traced from the living room all the way to the kitchen. With a single ball of hemp I managed to twine a Prego bottle, small mead bottle and Pei Pa Koa (cough syrup) bottle, not bad huh?
Tulip shaped magazine cut out

When using glass bottles as decorations, I think it is good to have them twined. If the bottle falls on the floor, the hemp can act as a little damper or at least hold the pieces together in the event it breaks. You’ll never know which itchy-fied child would have his/her sudden urge to knock it off the shelf or if you have a large in-house dog (like Dalmatian) with lethal tail that can easily swish and flick almost anything and everything off a coffee table! When Oddball was alive, mom was forced to hide away all her precious decorations because of the k-9’s wagging tail which can be quite a painful swing especially if she gives you the excited tail wag!

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