Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Newbie's Cooking Quest

Have you ever have to drive someone to a destination you are not familiar with and depend 100% on the instructions of that person with you? All this while I thought directing the driver from point A to point B should be an easy task, but it's not. A CLOSE relative of my husband (and may I please reemphasis on the word CLOSE) was giving my dear husband directions to a friends home and nearly caused a ten car pile up at one of the busiest junctions of Bukit Mertajam, Penang. If you think I'm exaggerating, try decipher the meaning of "U-Turn to the left" and please keep in mind that Malaysian roads are left-hand traffic.

Mille crêpe in the making
Giving directions is very much the same as writing recipes. Any mistakes in instructions would bring you far away from your destination. While there is a reverse gear in driving, you can't undo what's overcooked. A kitchen novice like myself would very much love to follow instruction step by step, word for word with little or no improvisation. It really is a daunting task for an inexperience person like myself to check if my batter has too much or too little flour.

The beautiful Ochi-san greets you at the beginning of all her videos
Ochikeron is a Japanese blogger who dishes out recipes for people like me. She's the owner of the blog Create Eat Happy and she has her own YouTube Page where you can follow her recipes step by step. When I say step by step, I really do mean the Malay colloquial phase of "ikut bulat bulat" which directly translates as "follow round round". So as long as you do follow her instructions accordingly, you'll do no wrong. Another reason to why I love learning recipes from her is that I do no need blenders or electric whisks (which I do not have). I know that these are essentials when it comes to baking, but I do not bake very often so it's rather pointless for me to buy one and have it to collect more dust to my already dusty shelves.

So for those of you who are looking for recipes or cooking instructions that are straight forward and simple to understand, do check her out. Above is the video for the mille crêpe that I successfully made. One more thing, she speaks Spanish too~!

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