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Online Shop Review: Duchess Couture

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Online Shop name: Duchess Couture

Owner Name: Siti Aszawani Ahmad

Facebook URL:
First Purchase: 19 June 2013

Some of the miniature perfumes sold by Duchess Couture
Image Source: Duchess Couture
Online shopping isn’t exactly a bed of roses; particularly when dealing with individuals rather than company. There are always uncertainties and unexpected outcome that makes us wary and careful. I was looking for a new set of perfume since I am just about to finish my current bottle of Burberry Brit Sheer when I chance upon this individual who sells cosmetics and perfumes. Instead of operating a blog shop, Siti Aszawani, owner of Duchess Couture operates from her Facebook page.

Poslaju parcel from Duchess Couture: Don't you just love receiving things?
Facebook business is currently a growing trend especially with new members each day; versus blog platforms (ie Blogger, Wordpress) whereby you’ll only chance upon the page via search engines or rigorous promotion via forums or other bloggers. As a relative of mine puts it “Facebook is like a fridge; almost every household has one. You open the door, look what is inside and close the door.” So imagine yourself opening the fridge to find something new inside… Bet you’ll go “ooo…” or “ahhh” right?

What I ordered: Calvin Klein miniature perfume
So when you buy from an individual rather than business, you’ll surely question about authenticity. On the other hand, there are businesses that carry counterfeit products. I have my fare share of doubt, but I guess the bottom line is; are you willing to take the gamble? Price wise, Duchess Couture offers are cheaper than over the counter (which usually are the most expensive), some reputable online shops and even Malaysian airport (KLIA). I may not be a frequent flyer but I have travel enough to know that Malaysian airport is tax free but NOT profit free. The products sold at KLIA may be cheaper than shopping malls but not as cheap as what other airports have to offer.

Blunder #1: I ordered perfume but skincare was sent to me instead
My purchase from Duchess Couture is a CK box set (MYR170) and a Burberry Brit miniature (MYR35), totaling MYR205 (postage included). Truth be told, I didn’t get my items immediately. There was a mix up when someone else’s SK-II arrived at my doorstep and my perfume went to someone else. Bewildered and a little disappointed, I called back to get everything back into order; which Duchess Couture reimbursed me for sending the SK-II back to her. After nearly three weeks of delay, I finally receive my parcel yesterday afternoon (3 July, 2013) but it wasn’t exactly what I ordered either. While the CK box set arrived accordingly, my Burberry Brit was (intentionally or otherwise) hippidy popedy poof-ed into Burberry Brit Sheer instead!

Comparison : Burberry Brit Sheer (left in 100ml) Burberry Brit (right in 50ml)
Now for those of you who wonder what the difference between the two bottles of Burberry; I have the two to show physical comparison. Apart from the color (one pink and one white), there is a difference in the fragrance too. Unfortunately, I am not good at describing perfume smell and it is quite sad that computers cannot display smell or I could have just spray my monitor and you can scratch the screen and sniff on the image. Anyway of the two bottles, I like Brit more hence my order for the mini just to match with the dried up 50ml bottle I purchased years ago.

Comparison: Burberry Brit Sheer miniature (left; 4.5ml) full size (right, 100ml)
Blunder #2: Received a mini Brit Sheer instead of mini Brit
So what is my verdict? Will I buy from Duchess Couture again? To be honest, I still feel a little bitter as my Burberry Brit turned out to be Burberry Brit Sheer. While Duchess Couture did apologize (and I accepted), she sounded reluctant to exchange for me by claiming the Burberry Brit is sold out. I mean, this whole mess would not have happened if she was extra vigilant when packing orders, no? In the first mix up, Duchess Couture DID reimburse me when I sent back the SK-II products. However replacing my order without notice? Okay, so say she didn’t noticed that I asked for Brit and not Brit Sheer, but isn’t it her responsibility to double check the order? Excuse me, but this is a PURCHASE and not a free gift redemption program. She did give me two free items, a tiny notepad and a 2.5ml sample bottle of sunblock by Chanel. But will these two freebies justify the unexpected amendment; something which I paid for? I don’t think so.

Duchess Couture: Freebie #1 and Freebie #2


  1. Aiyaya! What a mess. Erm, I'd be pissed if I got another version of something I ordered be it the same brand of otherwise. All the expectation ... poof. So, she really isn't going to exchange the mix-up?

    1. Nope. After I informed her of the blunder, she apologized and hasn't reply me since


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