Thursday, September 12, 2013

Best Buy World Malaysia Purchase: CK One 200ml EDT Spray

This is my most recent purchase from Best Buy World Malaysia. However if you go to Best Buy World Malaysia website at the moment, this perfume is currently unavailable. Probably I was the one who bought their last unit.

CK One 200ml bottle with pump
Anyway, for MYR190 for a 200ml bottle is considered reasonable especially in Malaysia where perfumes are sold at sky rocket prices. Yes, I know AMAZON and E-Bay is offering at much lower prices. But by the time I order and have it shipped here, the perfume will most likely get intercepted by Malaysian customs; I am pretty confident that I may end up paying more than MYR190!

I didn’t know that CK One was launched in 1994 until I did some research. And if you’re wondering if THIS bottle of perfume that I have has been kept since its’ launch, then you are mistaken. Based on the batch code on the bottle and the box (2306), this particular bottle was produced in 2nd November 2012. With 36 months of shelf life, this would mean I have a little over 2 years to empty this bottle before I embark on the next bottle of fragrance. After all, my last large sized of perfume bottle was also bought from Best Buy World Malaysia W-A-Y back in 2010!

CK One: Batch code on the box matches the bottle (2306)
Smell wise, I do love it very much. It is supposed to be a unisex fragrance but I feel it lean towards a feminine fragrance; like fresh fun and sporty girly kind of way. It has a citrus top note with musk base. If you spray too much of this fragrance, it will smell like an overbearing cologne! Probably it is why this 200ml bottle comes with an optional spray pump. A little sprit goes a long way. And just in case you are wondering how big this CK One 200ml bottle is, here I have a miniature CK One and the colossal bottle for comparison! Honestly speaking, I find the price of MYR190 for a 200ml branded fragrance is a real steal.

If you interested to embark on your first online shopping experience with Best Buy World Malaysia, do note that all new customers who sign up with Best Buy World Malaysia will be given 500 points (equivalent to MYR5 of shopping credit). What’s more, if you shop on your birthday month don’t forget to type “ baby” (i.e. January Baby if you are born in January) in the remarks box during check out to get 200 points. That’s not all. As an added bonus, every now and then Best Buy Word Malaysia will have double point promotion. Normal day to day purchase every one ringgit spent is equivalent to one point; however during double point promotion period every one ringgit spent is equivalent to two points. You can also earn points by writing a product review at their website. Each approved review will be given 100 points. And there is good news for bloggers too. Each product review on your blog linked to Best Buy World Malaysia entitles you to 500 points! Points earned can be converted to store credit with the conversion rate of one point equals MYR0.01. For more details, head on to Best Buy World Malaysia now!

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