Monday, September 30, 2013

Big Bad Wolf Annual S-A-L-E 2013

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 6-15 Dec 2013
I missed out on their sale December last year because I only knew about it the last minute. And being an Apache Helicopter Mother, there is no way I would allow some random homo sapien to take care of my child. I would have been an active blogger if I could get someone to babysit for a few hours a day. But it will not happen... At least for now.

Planning to get one of those cuddly cloth books for my little one

Anyway, this year's annual mega sale is in The Mines. I am still scratching my head on how to get there. Malaysian public transport is really pathetic and Malaysian taxis are blood sucking leaches though good ones are as rare as unicorns. It just ponders me, developers seems to have not understood the meaning of public transportation. Its like the last thing in their mind!

Right: Keepsakes for the little fingers and little toes

By the way, back in April, I got really really lucky to be given a preview pass. This means I will be shopping there a day earlier (5th December 2013)! Yes, lucky me! I have to thank The Big Bad Wolf for their gracious pass. Gracias señor Black Paw! I can vouch to you that no book sale is as cheap as theirs! Another reason I support The Big Bad Wolf very much is that their presence has made other book stores constantly slash their price. Which only means without the Big Bad Wolf, we'd be paying for books at ridiculous prices all year long!

Big Bad Wolf in Penang April 2013

Now I am not sure if they are going to give out anymore passes but there is no harm stalking their Facebook page for chances to win. But even if you don't get these passes its okay; you still have 9 days of burring into every book. Well, below are the books that I've bought when the Big Bad Wolf came to Penang in April this year. I foresee that I may burn a big whole in my Fossil wristlet. By the way, did I mention that this year their sales is going to be 230 hours of non-stop sale? 

Apparently MIECC is across Serdang KTM station, you can walk

For those of you who are in Penang and wish to attend this event, I recon you consider taking a flight. A check with Air Asia for the first week of December PEN-KL (LCCT) is MYR35.50 per person while Fireflyz PEN-SBZ (Subang Airport) is MYR35.00 per person. Technically it's better than taking a bus. But then you'll face the headache of dragging your books, bags and bum between the airport and MIECC.

Big Bad Wolf Facebook page -
Big Bad Wolf website -
Directions to MIECC -
Fireflyz website -
Air Asia website -


  1. come come.. i become few hours baby sister and borrow car to you. So you can enjoy.. haha...

    1. Thank you Yuki! But I have got a personal chauffeur - Adeline. She agreed to to take me around ;)


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