Friday, September 13, 2013

Online Shop Review: B&H Photo & Electronics Corp

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Name: B & H Photo and Electronics Corp. (USA)
First Purchase: August 6, 2013

B&H Building in New York City
{Image Source: B&H}

I own a Panasonic GF1 camera and the biggest set back when using this camera happens outdoors. With the tropical afternoon sun, it is difficult for me to view from the LCD screen. To save time and hassle, I tend to take my pictures in a darker shade (under expose) then push the pictures to my hubby and have him "fix" my pictures on his computer. I guess it has happen one too many times my annoyance has begun to creep under his skin when suddenly one fine August morning, he told me he got me a view finder.

What I was looking for: External live view finder for Panasonic GF1
This particular view finder is actually available in Malaysia, HOWEVER the price for this little electronic add-on would cost me about MYR800 (approx USD245). So my hubby took on the effort to keep an eye out for this view finder and the moment he spots a sale, its click click click!
To our surprise, B&H was selling this view finder for only USD119.95 (approx MYR395) excluding shipping. Shipping this view finder from New York to Penang would cost me an additional USD50.03 (approx MYR160) via UPS.
UPS tracking: From New York to Penang
So with payment made, I sat in front of my computer and started "stalking" UPS website to see where my view finder went. It is quite fun to watch my electronic view finder move from New York to Germany, China and then wiggle its way to Penang. I must add that this view finder of mine as been to places I have not!
Package arrived via UPS
The last known location was August 9th which was a Friday. I thought it would arrive at our doorstep on Monday morning but nothing happened. Tuesday came and went without a sound and I began to feel anxious. By Wednesday afternoon, hubby received a call stating that his view finder is been withheld by customs and we are liable for tax. Hubby had to fork out MYR80.06 for government tax and service charge for UPS.Bottom line we paid MYR635.06 to have this view finder shipped in from the USA; which IS still cheaper than buying from local shops.

A large shipping box for a very small product
Will I buy from B& H again? If it is cheaper than what Malaysian stores are selling, then my answer is YES!
Electronic view finder with casing


  1. That was an interesting journey to follow.
    Reminds me of my bag. It also has been to places, I've not been yet. Have a blessed week, dear.

  2. In a way, I found tracking goods on courier companies an addictive activity!


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